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GOP Sen. Murkowski Says She Needs to Hear Impeachment Case Before Deciding Whether Further Witnesses Are Needed

Facebook Warrant Targeting Student Journalists in Puerto Rico Prompts Fears of Political Surveillance

Rod Rosenstein Authorized the Release of Text Messages Between FBI Employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page: Court Filing

Trump Administration Proposes Rollbacks to Obama-Era School Lunch Programs on Michelle Obama’s Birthday

Supreme Court to Hear Case Which Could Make It Easier to Use State Money for Religious Schools

Bolsonaro, Under Fire, Dismisses His Culture Minister For Giving a Nazi Speech, But It Is Still Representative of Brazil’s Governing Ethos

The Playbook for Poisoning the Earth

Ozone Layer Recovery Is Being Undermined by Pollution From U.S. Companies

The Sanders Campaign Researched Whether Warren Could Be Both Vice President and Treasury Secretary at Once

Documento confidencial mostra que Cultura vai continuar pregando ideais nazistas mesmo sem Roberto Alvim

Former GOP Congressman Handed 26 Month Prison Sentence Over Insider Trading

Oakland’s Moms 4 Housing Were Evicted by a Giant Corporation That Runs National Home-Flipping Operation

Secretary Pompeo Breaks Silence on Alleged Threats to Envoy in Ukraine

Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr to Join Trump Impeachment Defense Team

Trump has broken more promises than he’s kept

‘Não me dão emprego porque tenho baixa visão’: mercado rejeita estatístico por causa de deficiência

Trump Readies Two More Nominations to the Federal Reserve Board

Senator Martha McSally Calls CNN Reporter a ‘Liberal Hack’ After Being Asked About Impeachment

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Reveals Her Hair Loss as She Shares Her ‘Very Personal’ Alopecia Diagnosis

A Campaign Finance Rule Makes Life Much Harder for Working-Class Challengers

Senate Passes New Trump-Backed U.S.-Canada-Mexico Trade Deal

Senate Opens to Hear Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

Apple Is Once Again Under Pressure to Help the FBI Unlock a Shooter’s iPhone. Here’s What to Know

The White House Broke The Law By Freezing Ukraine Aid, Watchdog Says

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